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22nd Jul 2015

Bon Jovi, Bono And The Edge?! Is This The Best Hen Party Ever?

This would never happen to us...


There are certain things that you expect to see on a hen party… Bon Jovi and U2 are not among them.

But that’s exactly what happened in New York this week, when the stars joined the celebrations of one bride-to-be.

Fashion exec Stephanie Mah was enjoying her last night of freedom with a group of her friends at Moby’s Restaurant in New York when she noticed that Bon Jovi, Bono and The Edge were also dining on the premises.

A photo posted by Stephanie Mah (@mahsmoove) on

Diners at the restaurant told The New York Post said that the celeb trio decided to join Mah for a few photographs to mark the occasion.

“It was pretty empty and they were super nice and came by for the pics. They congratulated her and gave her hugs,” said a source.

Mah later posted to image to Instagram with the caption ‘That time Bon Jovi and U2 came to hang’.