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15th Aug 2023

Beyonce’s mum Tina Knowles slams ‘ridiculous’ Renaissance tour rumour


Tina Knowles has been shutting down rumours left, right and centre involving her superstar daughter lately.

The latest story to be quashed is one that has only recently started circulating online after the Renaissance tour kicked off.

Tina spoke out against the belief that her daughter brings her own toilet seats on tour, but her response has left people as confused as they were by the initial rumour.

The story started doing the rounds online just weeks ago after a backstage photo from 41-year-old Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour went viral.

It showed a large black box stamped with the words: ‘Beyoncé toilet seats’ – so naturally people began speculating.

However, Tina spoke on Monday at LAX and said it wasn’t toilet seats in the box but ‘stands you put fans on,’ which has led people asking even more questions.

When asked about the rumour by TMZ, Tina simply said: “That’s so ridiculous. That’s too much.”

She went on to add: “Those are stands that you put fans on. They’re called toilet seats” – and now people are even more confused.

This comes after Tina slammed claims that Beyoncé had left Lizzo’s name out of her hit song Break My Soul following legal action against the singer.

Commenting on an Instagram post which reported Beyoncé’s alleged omission, Tina wrote: “She also didn’t say her own sister’s name.”

Tina’s comment referenced the fact that Beyoncé left her sister Solange’s name out of the remix and it wasn’t a personal response to the accusations against Lizzo.