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14th Sep 2023

US newspaper group is looking for Taylor Swift and Beyoncé correspondents

Dream job alert!

A newspaper group in the United States has advertised two jobs centring around global icons, Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

They’re arguably two of the most adored and documented stars, so it’s no wonder one of the biggest news groups wants specific reporters to capture their impact across its titles.

Gannett owns more than 200 daily papers. It will soon employ two new reporters for USA Today and The Tennessean to strictly cover all things Taylor and Beyonce.

According to Michael Anastasi, the Tennessean’s editor and Gannett’s vice president for local news, the chain is looking for ‘modern storytellers’ adept in print, audio and visual journalism.

The job description says: “Seeing both the facts and the fury, the Taylor Swift reporter will identify why the pop star’s influence only expands, what her fanbase stands for in pop culture, and the effect she has across the music and business worlds.”

The company also wants someone with journalism experience who can capture Beyonce’s impact on society and the industries she operates in.

Mr. Anastasi said the Tennessean already has a three-person music team who “put our sophisticated coverage up against anybody”.

According to Sky News, the reason they’re hunting for these new roles is all to do with reaching Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) targets as well as competing with social media fan accounts in terms of reporting celebrity news first.