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20th Jun 2022

Barry Keoghan confirms his girlfriend is pregnant with their first child

The Dunkirk actor is going to be a dad.

Barry Keoghan has confirmed he is going to be a dad.

In a fitting Father’s Day post, the actor shared that his girlfriend is pregnant with their first child.

The Dubliner shared a photo of his Father’s Day gifts which included a ‘Daddy Of All Daddies’ mug and chocolates. Barry’s girlfriend Alyson Sandro also made him a card for his first Father’s Day.

The personalised card included photos from their gender reveal party, as well as a sonogram of their baby.

Alongside the photo, the Eternals star wrote, “Honestly feel like crying.”

Pregnancy rumours started to circulate earlier this year when the 29-year-old was pictured at a gender reveal party.

This is the first time Barry has publicly spoken about becoming a dad.

He previously shut down trolls who were spreading hate about his baby news.

The dad-to-be wrote, “I don’t know why others have their opinions. We are happy here.”

Barry posted a photo from the gender reveal party. In the photo, the actor is hugging his girlfriend Alyson. The couple is embracing in the sweet snap and are covered in blue confetti.

They’re also standing in front of a box filled with blue balloons, hinting that they’re expecting a baby boy.

Barry has been dating Alyson since February 2021.

He confirmed their relationship on Instagram in September and also walked the red carpet together at the Eternals premiere last October.