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12th Nov 2019

Ant and Dec just discovered that they’re actually related, and we’re not remotely surprised

Ant and Dec


Ant and Dec have been though a lot in the last thirty years or so.

The duo have been best friends for almost their whole lives, making them like family.

Well, apparently that familial connection was stronger than we thought.

Last night on Ant & Dec’s DNA Journey Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly discovered they’re distantly related.

They found out that they both have  the same DNA marker S660.

The TV presenters also share the same Viking warrior descendant through their fathers’ bloodlines.

Brilliant, right?

Reading the DNA test results, Dec said:

“Ant, we’ve discovered your DNA into the deep past and you carry a unique DNA marker called S660.”

ant and dec

“Dec, we’ve traced your DNA into the deep past, and have discovered you also carry the DNA marker S660.”

Having read the results, Dec said: “So we’ve both got the DNA marker S660. OMG, that’s really surprising!”

Explaining the relationship between Ant and Dec, a genealogist explained:

“There’s only one way to share a DNA marker – and that’s because you’re related.”

“Recently, a Viking age warrior’s Skelton has been dug up in Dublin. He was in his late 20s, and died over 1000 years ago.”

“What’s amazing to me is that when his DNA was analysed, it was shown he carried the S660 marker – the same marker that Ant and Dec carry. “

“This warrior is directly related to them, in the father line. He’s the first one warrior we’ve ever found in the world with the S660.”

Pretty cool alright!