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08th Sep 2018

Anna Daly reveals the horrible comment she received when pregnant

This is so terrible.

Anna Daly has revealed that a horrible troll made a mean comment about her body while pregnant.

The Weekend AM star has welcomed three beautiful children with husband Ben Ward, however, she told viewers that someone texted in to the show to comment on her appearance.


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According to Anna, the text said: “Anna Daly looks so big, she’s fit to burst. Someone send her home.”

Co-host Simon Delaney was totally shocked and shaked his head in disbelief.

At the beginning of the summer, Anna opened up about her ‘mum-guilt’.

She told the Irish Mirror that it’s all about balance… and about forgetting.

She said:

“I used to feel mum guilt more than I do now.

“I think when I’m in work, I’m in work and I kind of, no offence to my kids who I absolutely adore, but I kind of forget about them. And you put your work hat on.”

Daly went on to say that she doesn’t know if anybody can truly get that balance right, but all anyone can do is try.