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20th Dec 2019

‘Always down to try’ Miley Cyrus is cracking jokes about her divorce from Liam Hemsworth

If you can’t laugh at yourself, etc.

Miley Cyrus has been cracking a few jokes about her ongoing divorce from Liam Hemsworth.

The singer and actor announced their separation a few months back, stating that they had decided to end their relationship to focus on their careers.

It was later reported that Hemsworth had filed for divorce from Cyrus.

In a recent attempt to make light of the situation, Miley – who has since been linked to Caitlyn Carter and Cody Simpson – responded to an Instagram account who said that they wanted to marry her.

miley cyrus

“It probably won’t last long,” she said. “But always down to try. You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”


Cyrus announced her split from Hemsworth earlier this summer after just one year of marriage. 

She later confirmed her reasons for splitting from her husband and refuted any claims that she had cheated on him with Caitlyn.

“What I cannot accept is being told I’m lying to cover up a crime I haven’t committed,” she said at the time. “I have nothing to hide.”

“But the truth is, once Liam and I reconciled, I meant it, and I was committed. There are NO secrets to uncover here. I’ve learned from every experience in my life.

miley cyrus

“I’m not perfect, I don’t want to be, it’s boring. I’ve grown up in front of you, but the bottom line is, I HAVE GROWN UP.”

The singer went on to say that she and Liam had been together for 10 years, and that she will always love him.

However, she added that she made the “healthy decision” to end their marriage to focus on herself.

“You can say I am a twerking, pot smoking, foul mouthed hillbilly, but I am not a liar,” she said.

Miley and Liam had an on-again-off-again relationship since 2009 when they met on the set of The Last Song.

They married in December of last year.


Miley Cyrus