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15th Aug 2015

8 Reasons… We Love Jennifer Lawrence

Happy birthday Jen!

We are absolutely massive fans of Jennifer Lawrence!

We can’t get enough of her! She’s beautiful, talented, funny and just looks like she’s the best person ever to hang out with on a night out.

So to mark her 25th birthday this week, here are eight reasons we adore Jennifer Lawrence.


Sweet Valley High

She may be starring in one of our favourite remakes to date.

How awesome would that be?!


Squad goals

She looks like she has heaps of fun with her gal pals. We want in. Please.

Human pyramid

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

This video

Just had a freak out because you met a massive celebrity? Average day at the office.

She never takes herself too seriously


She spends Christmas Eve… 

Doing all kinds of awesome things.


This performance

Oscar worthy? Indeed.

She imitates Cher

This is just brilliant.

She managed to make a teen movie cool for everyone

We’re not sure how, but we know we love it.