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24th Jan 2018

The top ten jobs of 2018 have been revealed… and they’re ALL the same

Eh... OK then

Olivia Hayes

Listen, no matter what job you’re in, January is always a struggle.

However, if it’s not just January giving you the blues, and you think it might be time to change your job, then the top 10 careers have been revealed.

There’s just one thing about them though…. they’re all management roles (which ain’t so great if you’re not a natural born leader).

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Glassdoor compiled the list and broke it down based on salary, job openings and overall job satisfaction.

Here are the top ten roles:

1. Marketing Manager

2. Operations Manager

3. Audit Manager

4. Finance Manager

5. Product Manager

6. HR Manager

7. Contract Manager

8. Commercial Manager

9. Business Analyst

10. Project Manager

It added in another 15 jobs to the list, which range from software engineers, data scientists and mobile developers.

You can check out the full list here.