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07th Jul 2017

Women everywhere are shaving their faces and we’re all for it

Whip out those razors ladies.

The cat is out of the bag lads… shaving your face will NOT make the hair grow back thicker.

It’s a myth we’ve been told since we were young, and if we’re being completely honest, we 100% believed it. We also believed that our faces could stick in the wind and that eating carrots helped your eyesight, childhood was tough.

We’ve learned that some of the great beauties of our time were avid face shavers. The likes of Marilyn Monroe, Joan Collins and countless other old Hollywood legends were HOOKED on razors, so why are we so opposed to it? We shave every other inch of our bodies, why not the face?

Everyone has that little bit of face fuzz that makeup clings to. Sometimes we wax, sometimes we thread… sometimes we use that god awful hair removal cream that smells like eggs. Dermaplaning (the fancy way of saying shave) seems to be the way forward and it could also keep us young (WHAT!?!).

Ever wondered why men seem to look a few years younger after a good shave? Well, while shaving your face you’re also removing deep layers of dead skin cells thoroughly as opposed to moving them around while exfoliating.

You can find an endless amount of teeny tiny dedicated face razors at pharmacies nationwide. Make sure your face is clean and damp to start with, apply a gel of shaving cream and don’t forget to clean the razor thoroughly after use.

Not only is this an exfoliating dream, it will also leave your skin feeling smoother and we found that products are much easier to apply afterwards.

Try it out for yourselves, and remember, go easy on the aftershave!