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21st Sep 2018

Woman’s ‘gross’ allergic reaction to eyelash extensions left eyes swollen

'It's so gross.'

Jade Hayden

eyelash glue

“My girlfriend had slept over and I couldn’t even see her.”

Isabelle Kun has been getting eyelash extensions for years.

However, after her last treatment, she suffered a severe allergic reaction leaving her eyes swollen shut.

The Candian woman told CTV News that she also had trouble breathing and swallowing.

She said:

“The (hospital) took me right in within seconds when they saw my face.

“My eyes are swollen both above and under and my tonsils were apparently really inflamed.”

Kun shared an image of her allergic reaction to Facebook to warn others about the risks associated with the treatment that she was so used to receiving.

Kun believes the reaction occurred due to the adhesive glue the lash technician has used on her eyes.

The 20-year-old said when she returned to the local beauty bar ask the technician what glue she had used, she was told: “I don’t know the name of the glue we use, but you should be good.”

However, Kun was not “good.”

She was eventually discharged from the hospital after being given antihistamines and steroids to try and reduce the swelling to her eyes.

She was told to continue using the medication, but she has not yet seen any difference in her condition.

“My eyes are actually even worse now. There’s like a sac of fluid under my eye now. It’s so gross.”

Kun has not been able to remove the lash adhesive from her eyes due to the severity of swelling.