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22nd Apr 2016

WATCH: ‘Express yourself’ – Dove’s new campaign for beauty diversity is brilliant

Rebecca Keane

‘It’s time to do it your way…’

Dove is continuing its contributing to the body positivity movement with a brand new campaign – #LoveYourHair.

The initiative aims to spread the message that all types of hair are beautiful – no matter what shade, texture, length or style it is. It also empowers women to wear their hair how they want, whenever they want to.

The film features a multitude of women who are ignoring society’s ridiculous beauty standards to wear and style their hair the way they want and please themselves with their own individual understanding of beauty.

In an interview with Mashable, Sable Yong that stars in the video explained why she felt compelled to participate in the project.

“There’s always been this narrow depiction of what constitutes ‘beautiful’ hair and mostly completely lacking in diversity,” she said.

“There’s a fear of deviating from that ‘beautiful hair’ norm because we’ll be judged negatively, not taken seriously…”

Whatever ‘beautiful hair’ claims to be, the beautiful women in this video are definitely forces to be reckoned with.

Lead image via YouTube