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22nd Jul 2019

Tried and tested: this is honestly the BEST facial in Dublin

Rebecca O'Keeffe


So gorge!

So one of my FAVOURITE things to treat myself with is a good facial.

I tell you it’s one of those things that I am more than happy to splash the cash on – when they’re actually good.

And trust me, I have had so many facials, I would consider myself a bit of an expert by now.

I’ve seen the good, the bad and the absolutely amazing!

I recently went to Bespoke Beauty in Donnybrook on my day off, to try out their Academie Prescriptive Deep-Cleansing facial.

Let me tell you kids, I was NOT disappointed. Wow.


And so, after my treatment, I asked the lovely Elaine (magical skin wizard) to fill me in on what exactly she did.

I wanted to pass on the wisdom…

“Once Rebecca (hey, that’s me) had filled out her consultation form and was comfortably lying down, I began the treatment.”

“I double cleansed with Academie 2 in 1 cleanser by massaging the product in and then washed off with hot mitts.”

The next bit was probably the best bit as it was MUCH needed lads.


“I did extraction to make sure skin was left spotless and the pores could absorb the products. I purified the skin with with cotton pads soaked in the Academie Moisturising Toner.”

Being honest, I had been a bit skeptical of the idea of extraction, because it’s not exactly pleasant – but this was actually so fine.

“I then began a face, neck and shoulder massage with the modelling cream, for 20 minuets using lymphatic drainage movements and accu pressure points.”

This was super relaxing, but also helped me get that sweet, sweet glow.


“Then I soaked the fresh gauze in toner. I placed this onto the skin of the face and neck leaving the mouth and nose free.”

“I applied the Intensive Moisture Mask onto the gauze followed by the activation gel on top of the mask.”

“Then I rinsed off any residue with warm sponges. There was very little as it had all been absorbed into the skin.”

“Rebecca’s skin looked amazing, fresh and glowing.”

She’s not lying lads, so many people were asking me what I had done to my skin.

Plus, I haven’t worn makeup since, so that must be a good sign.

I know, a lot of that is beauty mumbo-jumbo – but it’s always nice to know what’s in store!

I would 10/10 recommend if you feel like treating yourself to some pampering.