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08th Aug 2019

The Gold Obsidian trend is the perfect subtle update for your dark hair this summer

Not willing to commit to a load of highlights?

It’s summer!

Time to marinate yourself in tan, get a pedicure and, for many brunettes, fight the temptation to dye your hair blonde.

The warm weather always prompts a beauty overhaul but we don’t know what it is about this season that makes every dark-haired gal get the urge to go lighter.

Anyone who has ever dabbled with blonde will know that it’s not something to go for on a whim, so what if you just want to dip your toe?


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Two words – Gold Obsidian.

This hair trend is inspired by a black stone with gold flecks through it, which pretty much describes how your hair will look.

It’s a super subtle nod to summer blonde without straying far from your natural colour, to the point where you’ll look like you’ve just been sitting in the sun.


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The term was coined by Stephanie Brown, a celebrity hairstylist and colourist.

Adding warmth to your hair will suit most gals no matter how dark your own hair is, she told PopSugar.

“For dark, almost black, brunettes, go with an almost gold undertone for the hair,” she said.

“Warmer hair is more flattering for most skin tones, rather than dark ashier tones.”


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Yeah, we’re sold.

Chat to your hairdresser about how much of a golden colour you want in your hair and make sure to bring a picture; they might recommend balayage or even lowlights to help you achieve the look you want.