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25th Aug 2017

Natalie Portman shares her €12 beauty secret to clear skin

This is going to be snapped up - fast.

Natalie Portman has shared her secret to clear, smooth skin – and it turns out, you can get it in on the high street.

At least, part of it.

The actress explained to Harpers Bazaar US that she is a fan of “double cleansing” before going to bed, so that she can make sure every last bit of makeup is removed before she goes to sleep.

And her products of choice?

She said:

“I use Bioderma makeup remover and Joëlle Ciocco cleansing wash, then I put on rose oil or a moisturizing mask that I got from a French pharmacy.”

The very same Bioderma micellar water sells for just €11.99 at Boots – making it an absolute steal.

The mild product softly cleanses the face and eyes to remove even the toughest bits of makeup.

The second step in her double cleansing process, the Joëlle Ciocco cleansing wash, is slightly more pricey beginning at €36 a pop.

The mum of two continued:

“I always take off my makeup before bed. I’m usually in bed by midnight, no matter what.

“I fall asleep easily, but I don’t stay asleep very long.

“I think when you have young kids, it’s part of your job to wake up every time you hear something, so I feel like it’s just going to be a few years that it’s like that.”

Featured image via Getty.