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22nd Jan 2018

Harry Potter metallic liquid lipsticks are here and they are dazzling



Will the day ever come when people are sick of Harry Potter?

Probably not, to be honest.

It’s been a whole 17 years since the first Harry Potter film came out and 21 years since the Philosopher’s Stone was released in bookshops.

And yet, fans are still obsessed with all things in the wizarding world of witchcraft and wizardry.

Naturally, that includes the guys over at Storybook Cosmetics too.

Way back when, they launched a Harry Potter palette that included metallic, pigmented eyeshadows in four stunning colours including rose gold, emerald green, and silver.

It looked amazing and people were very excited.


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As it turns out, people are very excited again because Storybook has just released a collection of Potter-themed liquid lipsticks and they look dazzling.

Think what Rita Skeeter wore when she was ruining Harry’s life during the tri-wizard tournament.

Imagine Professor McGonagall’s look when she was asking Harry, Ron and Hermione why it was always “you three.”

Picture Lavander Brown when she was eating the face off Ron that one time.

That’s probably something akin to what these liquid lipsticks are like, maybe.

The lipsticks come in a four pack in a handy little collector’s box that’s just a bit adorable, really.

Colours include ‘Salem,’ ‘Sorceror,’ ‘Merlin’, and ‘Potions’ or blue, red, green, and brown if you want to get specific.

The set is also cruelty-free and vegan so, you know, no guilt.

Its product description reads:

“The buildable, gluten-free, paraben-free, non-drying formula is out of this world. Each set comes in collector’s edition book that holds the liquid lipsticks.

“Lippies come with custom precision wand applicator packaging that includes a metalized Storybook Cosmetics logo cap.”

The set is currently available for pre-order for $58 (€48) to be shipped later this month.