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21st Dec 2019

Chocolate orange hair is the hair trend that you need to know about this winter

Chocolate oranges are one of those things that goes hand-in-hand with the winter months.

And while we’re all for the sweet treat, it looks like there’s a new kind of chocolate orange doing the rounds on social media: chocolate orange hair.

Not only does the name sound delicious, but the photos have us booking an appointment at the salon – stat.


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Every few months, it feels like there is a new hair trend emerging on social media that makes us want to switch things up ASAP.

This year, we’ve seen antique gold hair, gingerbread caramel hair, sombre hair  and wine hair, just to name a few.


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But chocolate orange hair may be our favourite one yet.

Combining deep, warm reddish tones and with a chocolate hue (hence the name), chocolate orange hair would be the perfect way to update your ‘do for the winter months.

Or if you’re keen to make a big change to your hair down the line – we reckon this would be one that would be gorgeous year-round.


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If you’re looking for more hair inspiration (whether for future ideas or if you’re planning on switching things up soon), check out the ‘peach cobbler’ hair trend – which is legit making us want to dye our hair red right now.