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05th Jul 2018

Beauty blogger swears by using this kitchen essential when shaving her bikini line

This is genius!

I mean, it’s a first for us.

But look, if it works then we are all ears.

If you’re like me, then you find it a constant battle to smoothly shave your bikini line. I mean a CONSTANT battle. Like, if I don’t end up with loads of red bumps, I end up with a cut or so on, so forth, basically… it’s hell.

So….  when beauty blogger Jessie B came out with a new revelation to my ears, I have to admit I was surprised yet extremely interested to hear more.

The YouTube star swears by rubbing olive oil on her vagina before shaving then admitting that she has done it for years. In her video explaining the process she says:

“A teeny tiny bit goes a long way. All I do is rub the oil onto my hands and then rub it all over my bikini line and any part that I want to shave.

“So I basically soak my whole vagina and let it soak in for about a minute or two so the hairs have time to soften and it also moisturises the area.”

The blogger also admitted that it has never left her with cuts, nicks or any razor burn. I mean, is this the hack we’ve been waiting for all our lives? Eh, I think so or at least, it could be and it’s certainly worth a shot!

Have you ever tried this before?