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14th Jun 2019

To The Kingdom! 6 unconventional activities you just HAVE to try there this summer

Louise Carroll

met eireann

Brought to you by Rockshore

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Is there any place quite as magical as Kerry?

Between Hollywood producers, holiday makers and of course, us Irish, it seems plenty just can’t get enough of its beauty and character. So, if we’re heading there this summer, what should we most definitely get up to?

1. Stargazing

Eyes on the skies.

South Kerry is one of the top three places on the planet to view those awesome spheres of twirling gases thousands of lightyears away.

The area is so dark and free from light pollution that we can take FULL advantage of this majestic sight. There’s just something so beautiful and humbling about it all.

That’s why as part of the Rockshore Mate Escape, Rockshore is sending four groups of friends off to enjoy some absolutely stunning coastal locations around Ireland — this being one of them.

Good news all. There’s still a chance of winning the Rockshore Mate Escape competition so you can stargaze and surf in Kerry! If you’re feeling lucky, sign up right here at Rockshore to win!  It’ll be a trip you and four friends will never forget.

2. Eat at Packie’s Restaurant

The beautiful town of Kenmare boasts some truly exceptional pub grub (there are SO many pubs too), dinner options to suit all tastes and quaint little shops where you’re bound to find something different.

One restaurant you need to get to if you really want to treat yourself, the family or your friends is Packie’s. It’s fancy but not fussy.

With the food, the drinks and the service being top-notch, it promises to leave both your stomach and your soul entirely satisfied.

3. Lorge Chocolatier

Whether you’re a devout chocoholic or you simply enjoy the odd sweet treat, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the care, consideration and expertise that goes into the making of these delectable handmade chocolates.

Made using the finest chocolate recipe you won’t find anywhere else, both the consistency and the flavour is simply divine.

Those who aren’t usually dark chocolate fans might be surprised. The chocolate still has an intense flavour yet it’s deliciously smooth. The award-winning chocolatier himself, Benoit, also runs chocolate making courses in Kenmare (you’ll find his shop here too) if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

4. Inch Beach

Speaking of soul, do your soul a favour and get to the incredible, miles long, Inch Beach.

Submerse yourself in the beauty of Dingle Bay, nestled between the Slieve Mish Mountains and the MacGillicuddy Reeks (home to Cummeenoughter Lake, Ireland’s highest).

Take to the waves with your surf board (local surf schools will supply you with all you need if this happens to be a more spontaneous excursion), spot the local anglers and try to stay around for sunset.

You’ll be glad you did.

5. Spot the Atlantic Puffins

They’ll melt your heart.

These Atlantic puffins rock up each year on Skellig Michael to breed. The sea birds make the UNESCO World Heritage Site their home during the summer months, having it look all the more spectacular. There’s also a sixth century Christian monastery that’s worth a peek too.

Remember, by late August, the sea birds will begin to lose their wing feathers. Before this happens, they need to take to the ocean, heading for sea mountains and canyons in the Atlantic, even going as far as Canada! So admire (from a distance) while you can.

6. Climb The Highest Mountain in all the Land

Start early, friends.

If you’re willing to take our advice, this one is just for summer time and don’t forget to bring an experienced local guide with you either.

Adventure seekers will be in their element and the beauty of this place will have you mesmerised. Just be sure to wear appropriate clothing and find your guide here.

Now, when are we off?

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