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25th Aug 2022

Italian government offering €15,000 grants to move to Sardinia

We’re listening.

If you fancied a sunny relocation to a sunny Italian island, then this is for you.

The Italian government is offering grants of up to €15,000 for people to move to the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. Boasting sandy beaches, mountainous hiking trails and delicious cuisine, we hardly need an incentive to relocate, but Sardinia’s president Christian Solinas is offering one anyway.

The move is part of a larger scheme to boost the population of the island, thereby contributing to its economic development.

Those interested in availing of the grants should know that the money must go towards either the purchase of a home in Sardinia or the renovation of one. Also the available grants can not be more than half the price of renovation or purchase, so those considering a Sardinian relocation will be expected to contribute significantly from their own pocket as well.

What’s more, you must be willing to move full-time to Sardinia, and you will have to register for a permanent residency. You should also note that the grants can only be used on properties in the less populated areas of Sardinia.

Still, if you’re happy with these terms, then we’re sure you’ll be more than welcome.

Launching the scheme, Mr Solinas described Sardinia as “fertile ground” for those looking to move there, or to start a family on the island.

“There can be no growth without a real enhancement of the territories, of the interior and most disadvantaged areas, which must pass through new policies for their repopulation,” he said.

“We have created the conditions for young people to decide to stay and develop the economic fabric of the most fragile territories.”

For the past few years, Italy has been engaged in a scheme encouraging people to move to sparsely populated towns through grants, or cheap house prices.