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11th Aug 2019

You can now spend the night in a giant potato for just €178

giant potato

Every gal’s dream.

Heading away with your mates this summer?

Maybe you’re planning on spending a couple of nights down the country? Or perhaps you’re going on a mad one in Marbella for two weeks?

But if you have any sense whatsoever, you’ll definitely be renting a potato in the northwest of America for a night or two.

Because honestly, what could be better than chilling out inside a big brown vegetable, soaking in the sights, and sleeping soundly between the hardened skin of a root?

Nothing, that’s what.

And now you can because a giant potato in Idaho has been turned into an Airbnb and you can now stay there for just €178 a night.


The Big Idaho Potato Hotel is a six tonne potato that houses a double bed, some armchairs, a shelf, and a futon.

It’s also got all the essentials like a kitchenette, a bathroom, somewhere to store your belongings, and a fireplace, for some reason.

If you were mildly worried that a giant potato would be a fire hazard though, don’t worry because this isn’t actually a real, giant, gutted potato that grew from the ground.

Rather, it was a manmade potato created by the Idaho Potato Commission to, you guessed it, promote potatoes.

The vegetable toured around the State for a few years and afterwards, the commission weren’t entirely sure what to do with it.

Eventually, the lads decided to turn it into a hotel to get even more people interested in the root vegetable – in a different kind of way.

And in fairness, yeah, it seems to be working.

You can find out more about the Big Idaho Potato Hotel, or even book yourself a night, here. 

Images via Airbnb.