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09th Aug 2023

Airbnb cleaner saves on food shop from guest leftovers

An inadvertent ‘pay it forward’

Anytime I stay at an Airbnb, adding a few of my home comfort snacks and drinks is a must.

However, unintentionally, over the course of a stay, between meals out and spontaneous plans, they can get forgotten about and remain unopened.

When it comes time to check out, I then tend look at them as more of a nuisance than comfort and want nothing to do with them.

More often than not, I will leave them in the presses and fridge and hope that someone connected to the property will put them to good use.

Finally, my secret shame has transformed into a TikTok discussion and all my fears that the unused groceries went to waste have been put to rest.

An Airbnb cleaner on TikTok has revealed she often gets away without a food shop thanks to this exact practice.

In a mini-series, @deetakesovercleaning, has been sharing groceries items left behind that she takes advantage of.

In these videos, she takes viewers around Airbnbs where she shows them the large quantities of food and items that she is free to take home with her.

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Many have seen the jackpot items Dee bags from each clean and have taken to the comments to share their thoughts.

Many TikTok users said they were considering picking up a job with Airbnb just to reap the same rewards as Dee.

“I’m about start cleaning Airbnbs on the side just for free groceries!” one declared.

One added: “That would be like Christmas everytime.”

However, the most relatable comment goes to this user who wrote, “i feel like these peopel [sic] buy brunch ingredients with the hope they’ll make it and then hangover is so bad they just leave it.”

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One user asked Dee what you are probably thinking – Why do people (me) waste their money and not consume the items?

Dee replied what she thinks the reason is: “I feel like they plan on cooking but eating out always wins.”

Eating. Out. Always. Wins.