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23rd May 2019

5 of the best ways to experience the Wild Atlantic Way when you’re in Mayo

Anna Daly

Wild Atlantic Way

Brought to you by Rockshore. 

It’s time for a trip to the West.

The Wild Atlantic Way has wonderful sights to behold at any time of the year.

Head west in autumn if you want to feel the real strength of the West Coast wind, go in winter to see huge waves crashing against cliffs that are half shrouded in clouds, and in spring you can watch tiny lambs bouncing around fields with the backdrop of blue water behind them.

Summer, though, summer is when we get to properly experience all that the Wild Atlantic Way has to offer. Waters are warm enough for whatever water sport catches our fancy, the days are dry enough to let us explore the beautiful scenery on foot or by bike, and the sun is bright enough that we can really see just how far the sea stretches on.

Rockshore are holding a competition this summer where they are sending groups of friends to various spots along the Wild Atlantic Way, with their first spot being the Big Style Atlantic Lodge in Mayo. You can read more about that here.

Mayo is on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way route and is filled with plenty of great ways to fully immerse yourself in the wild west. So now that summer is starting, we thought we’d put together a list of some of the best ways to experience Ireland’s famous Wild Atlantic Way while you’re in Mayo.


Get yourself right INSIDE the wild Atlantic by hitting the waves at one of Mayo’s many great surf beaches. If you’re a beginner, Keel Beach on Achill Island or Carrownisky in Louisburgh are both brilliant spots to learn the ropes while usually having some bigger waves further out for the more experienced crew too. During the summer, there are surfboards for hire on the beach and you can also book a lesson if you want help getting started.


If you still want to get up close with the Atlantic without the getting wet part (hopefully), you can try your hand at a bit of sea kayaking. There are plenty of kayaking tours that will take you on a trip around the lovely Clew Bay. You’ll get to paddle around in the Atlantic while still staying sheltered from its famous big waves. If fresh water is more your thing, there are loads of lakes and river-based trips to avail of too.


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As a child, every Irish person learns to perfect the art of the run-in-run-out-wrap-yourself-in-a-towel manoeuvre. Ireland’s waters are just not made for hours of paddling and, because there are so few days that we can actually spend a significant amount of time in the water, it’s pretty crucial that we have a nice beach to relax on the rest of the time.

Luckily, Mayo is FILLED with insta-worthy beaches. Take Keem Bay, for example, you really can’t get more stunning than that. There are loads of other hidden gems around the place though, so make sure to scope out the area before your swimming day (and don’t be afraid to follow the locals – they are the experts after all!).

Cycling the Green Way

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The Green Way is essentially just a cycle path that runs from Westport to Achill Island but it takes in some fantastic scenery and is one of the best days out you can have on a sunny day. The cycle lane was built on an old train track so most of it is very flat and a lovely easy cycle (with the exception of a fairly steep hill a bit outside Mulranny on the Westport side).

The lane mostly runs behind and through fields so except to see sheep and cows galore on your journey (and maybe a few horses and donkeys too). Between Mulranny and Achill, the path runs along by a sea inlet, making for an absolutely stunning cycle. This is one thing you won’t want to miss on a sunny day. It’s a long enough cycle though, so make sure to bring along a snack or packed lunch.

Taking a drive along the Wild Atlantic Way route

You might be tempted to do this on a rainy day as you’ll be in the car for most of it but you can properly appreciate the sights on a sunny day and, trust us when we say, you’ll want to get out of the car and take loads of pictures. This trip will bring you on the long route from Mulranny to Achill, through Corraun and along by Clew Bay, and then over to Achill where you’ll get the real Atlantic waves. It’s a mesmerising drive and best to go when it’s sunny but with a little bit of wind (not too much though, you are on cliffs after all).

There’s TONS to do in Mayo if you’re after an action-packed, eye-pleasing holiday. Whether you’re new to the Wild Atlantic Way or you’re a frequent visitor, you’ll always be able to find brilliant new ways to spend your days.

Check out Rockshore’s Mate Escape competition where you and your friends can experience the Wild Atlantic Way in the best setting possible and all for free (just the way we like it!). You and your mates could be hitting the waves, seeing the sights, and finishing off the day relaxing in a hot tub. What a perfect start to the summer.

Brought to you by Rockshore