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24th Oct 2019

‘Keep classy’: Millie Bobby Brown on her style, her career and female empowerment

Olivia Hayes

Millie Bobby Brown embodies female empowerment.

From her beginning on Stranger Things to her makeup line and now a Pandora collection, Millie Bobby Brown is a force to be reckoned with.

While she may be only 15-years-old, she understands more about the world than most and is very clued in to the issues that face human beings today.

We flew over to London to check out Millie’s new PandoraMe collection which is full of fun, bright and stylish charms, earrings and bracelets – while also hearing Millie speak about her style, her family and her most important causes.

As she is such a young child star, Millie was asked about her self discovery and how being blasted into the limelight has changed her views on the world.

“Well, I’m 15, so my self discovery is pretty short lived,” she laughed. “Every interview I watch or every year that goes by I’m like ‘Oh, so much has changed’. A couple of years ago I was reading an interview and I was saying ‘I hate crop tops and I hate heels and I don’t like people who wear crop tops and heels,’ and then I realised, who am I to say that?

“And now, I love heels, I love crops tops, so my way of self discovery is not boxing myself in and realising there are no limitations to what I can achieve and what I can wear and my style is kind of ever-evolving.

“I go by the no limits thing, it’s very go with the flow and I try to evolve with my age and appropriateness and try to stay my age and keep classy.”

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Even though she is young, Millie has a good head on her shoulders and she attributes that to the people she looks up to. As many of us would, she looks up to female family members; her mum and sisters, but Millie also says that “other young girls” give her empowerment.

“When I meet other young people it empowers me to do more and to make more of a change. I love meeting girls that are making a difference in the world, being themselves, standing up for bullying and standing up for what’s right. I think that empowers me, that gets me so excited that, actually, girls – we are coming together and supporting each other.

She continued: “My mum is pretty cool, my little sister; she empowers me to be a good big sister. A lot of things; my style, my job is very empowering in many ways, so it’s many different things.”

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Stranger Things is now going into its 4th season, and Millie has come on in leaps and bounds since episode one; so much so, that she just sat in the producer seat for her new film, A Time Lost.

The actress is making the Netflix flick with her older sister Paige Brown and spoke about the challenges of entering the other side of the camera.

“It’s a whole other ball game because you’re someone’s boss and you’re 15! It can be difficult to be taken seriously at times, especially just being a girl in this day and age and also being young in this day and age, so it’s two kind of double negatives in that respect, but for me, I find it a double positive,” she explained.

“It’s amazing – I’m a girl, which makes me great,” she joked, “and I’m young, so I came on set and I was definitely nervous. It’s a scary area to go in to.”

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As well as being in front and behind the camera, Millie is putting work in elsewhere. She was announced as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador last year. She is the youngest ever to be appointed, but that doesn’t stop her making strides in what she believes in.

“Young people’s education is something I’ve always fought for. I think every young person deserves an education – but specifically young girls – they’re in different situations. Every girl deserves an education and to strive to be the best and to achieve every goal they have in their mind. It’s so, so important.”

Her own Pandora line; an accomplished actress; an ambitious producer and the youngest ever Goodwill Ambassador. She might be more than a decade younger than us, but she’s without a doubt one of the most empowering people in the world.

You can shop Millie’s PandoraMe collection here.