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03rd Aug 2021

Tom Daley went viral for knitting at the Olympics – and it’s all for charity

Danny Jones

The grind never stops.

Seeing Tom Daley shed tears after, at long last, win an Olympic gold medal was just about as heartwarming as we thought things could get – until we saw him casually knitting while watching the women’s springboard final. Whole. Some.

It was only a week ago that we thought we’d seen the greatest moment of his career, but how wrong were we. The best part about it all is that he just can’t seem to stop.

Unsurprisingly, social media absolutely lapped it up. A timely reminder that he’s just a great guy.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about it all is that he does it all for charity. The 27-year-old gives away his homemade creations in an effort to raise money for a number of causes; earlier this month, Tom successfully raffled off a chunky rainbow sweater and raised £5,787 for the Brain Tumour Charity. He chose that organisation as his father died in 2011 from a brain tumour at age 40.

Since the word got out, his Instagram has been flooded with messages of love and support, as per.

From Team GB and doggie themed jumpers, to Union Jack mittens and more, Tom Daley knitting is the injection of positivity you never knew you needed.

As if he hadn’t done already, Daley continues to cement his status not only as an incredible athlete and role model for young people, but a high-profile LGBTQIA+ icon whose openness, alongside his obvious dedication to his sport, is absolutely infectious.

Keep on doing your thing, Tom! You’re doing great.