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20th Aug 2017

Marty Morrissey went pure Mayo with his reaction to an Andy Moran special

Marty was so proud he nearly fell out of the press box.

Niall McIntyre

Talk about excitement.

Straight after we witnessed four completely one-sided football quarter-finals, the whole of the GAA world was eagerly anticipating the 20 August for the titanic collision of two of footballs most exciting teams.

Jesus they didn’t disappoint.

It was tit-for-tat, it ebbed and flowed, it was point for point and goal for goal. It was Championship football at it’s brilliant best and it was kill or be killed.

From the moment Aidan O’Shea retreated to the full back position to mark Kieran Donaghy, we knew well we were in for an exciting one.

The sides went into the break with nothing between them, after a masterclass of score-getting from Andy Moran, and with Mayo looking the better of the two sides, Kerry’s knack of staying in contention, despite being under the cosh, was hugely prominent.

Moran continued where he left off in the second half, bringing his tally to 1-5 from play but Kerry appeared to be notching their scores that bit easier.

Andy done his bit for anti-ageism and Marty Morrissey was loving it in the RTE Radio press-boxes.

Marty’s arms were going up and down and all around and his passion was shared by the packed Croke Park crowd and all those watching at home as well.

Moran had been called ashore in his last few outings in the green and red prematurely, but there wasn’t a hope in hell he was getting the curly finger on Sunday.

Paddy Durcan leveled the sides in the 73rd minute with a fine point, but when Donal Vaughan committed a foul in the 75th minute, the whole of Mayo were bricking it.

Sheehan missed and we will go at it again.

We simply can’t wait for it.