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03rd Oct 2022

WATCH: Paul Mescal explains GAA on American talk show

Ellen Fitzpatrick

His two worlds were colliding.

We’ve seen a lot of Irish celebs heading for the States, and with that comes the lot of them being forced to explain what on earth goes on on our little island.

We’ve had Saoirse Ronan constantly having to explain how her name is pronounced to Jamie Dornan teaching Jimmy Kimmel how to make a crisp sandwich, but there’s now a new clip to add to the Irish talk show hall of fame.

Appearing on Late Night with Seth Myers, Kildare’s very own footballer turned actor Paul Mescal sat down for a chat and immediately got chatting about one of his true loves – GAA.

While he spoke about his new movie Aftersun where he plays the dad to 11-year-old Sophie played by Frankie Corio, he managed to get chatting about our national sport instead.

Seth asked Paul to explain the rules of the sport, how to play it and if it was a dangerous sport, and Paul was clearly in his element as he said it was a chaotic game and that there is a strong possibility of getting hurt while playing it.

Describing it as a “mixture between rugby and soccer”, he explained how he was a big player in Maynooth and eventually had to choose between his acting career and football career.

“You represent like your parish or where you come from. It’s like non-professional, so it’s like very spirited I’d say,” Paul explained.

“I broke my nose and my jaw, I broke my jaw two days before starting my final year in drama school,” he said.

Explaining that while training as an actor, you’re not allowed to play sport and of course, he ignored this and played anyway and used the excuse that he had been mugged.

“I was like, ‘this is so weird, I got mugged at work.’ Yeah, nightmare. So, I spent the four weeks in rehearsal just kind of like rehearsing.”