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11th Jul 2019

“We don’t dive about as much” – Megan Campbell on what makes women’s football different

We're missing our daily dose of women's football.

Niamh Maher

We miss the World Cup already!

“51 games, 144 goals, 121 yellow cards and 7 billion VAR referrals” wise words opened our first PlayXPlay live event sponsored by AIG and held ahead of the Women’s World Cup final on the sunniest Sunday of the year.

Although the VAR stat could be disputed, our host Jenny Murphy was spot on with describing, arguably, the most popular Women’s World Cup we’ve had to date.

Even fair-weather fans can agree that it’s sad to see a tournament which garnered such massive global support come to an end. And with the USA back in their homeland and (probably not) preparing to visit Trump in his White House. It’s a good time to reflect on the momentous occasion and what it means for women’s sport.

Having covered the tournament throughout, it felt only fitting to mark the occasion with a live event of our new sports show PlayXPlay. So, with a Netherlands jersey in hand and giddy with the prospect of pizza, beer and football, we packed up our set and headed for Tramline in Dublin.

Jenny Murphy was joined by a stellar lineup of elite football players who brought their own experience and expertise to the analysis as well as discussing the wider issues facing women in sports. Arsenal’s Louise Quinn, Man City’s Megan Campbell and Peamount United’s Áine O’Gorman were at hand  to share stories on big game preparations, coming through bad form and what needs to be done in future to keep improving.

You can watch the full live show below, one of our PARTICULAR highlights comes at 46.20 when an audience member asks what attributes the women’s game has over the men’s.

Megan Campbell comes in with a quick-fire response that’s sure to get the conversation going… and she’s not wrong!

You can subscribe to the podcast version of the show here or listen below: