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21st Feb 2023

LGFA ‘committed to the inclusion’ on transgender women in the sport

Niall McIntyre

The LGFA has revealed that it is ‘committed to the inclusion’ of transgender women in their sport.

They have also said that they “will not tolerate any harassment or discrimination” of said transgender players. 

Players that this rule applies to can make an application to the newly set-up Transgender Application Committee (TAC). 

Ratified on Wednesday, the policy applies to all players over the age of 12, and will allow transgender women to play ladies football unless there is a case of ‘unacceptable risk.’ 

Those who are under-16, meanwhile, have to present confirmation from a GP that they “intend to live their life as a female”. As for those over 16, they must present confirmation from a GP to show that their testosterone levels during the previous 12 months have equalled or have been less than 10 nanomoles per litre” 

“The Association acknowledges that this area continues to rapidly develop,” read the LGFA statement, “both domestically and internationally, and will, if and when necessary, update this Policy and Application Form. 

“The Association will review this Policy and Application Form at least every 3 years,” it read.”

“It is expected that unacceptable risks will likely only arise in the most exceptional circumstances and will not arise solely from the mere participation of a Trans-woman’s participation,” it added.

If these exceptional circumstances are met, then “immediately, and confidentially,” the association will “notify the affected party (or Parent or Guardian as appropriate), of the decision determining that an unacceptable risk arises and the reasons for the determination”

Where it is decided that the player can not continue playing, the player may contest a review when “members of TRC determine whether to confirm or overturn the Decision and provide reasons for their decision.”

Some have been critical of the association’s stance, including Kildare player Mary Hulgraine.

“Really? I’m all for equality and inclusion,” she said.

“But in a high intensity sport where there 100% is physical contact….this is just dangerous. Genetically this is wrong.

“It goes against why female sports was created in the first place,” she added.