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16th Nov 2021

Zara is officially the most popular fashion brand of 2021 – we’re not surprised


Singlehandedly, this was us.

And there you have it, Zara is officially the most popular fashion brand in the world this year – are we surprised?

We can’t walk into a Zara store without handing over all our wages, so it’s no surprise this was the most searched for brand in 2021.

Topping the most-searched lists in 37 countries, Zara is most popular in Portugal, the United Arab Emirates and Japan.

Out of the top five most searched brands, none are luxury with the top five being Zara, Nike, Zalando, Fashion Nova and ASOS.

Louis Vuitton dropped 15 spaces since 2020 when it took the number one spot, with designers like Gucci, Chanel and Dior also in the top 20.

Showing how much our fashion choices have changed over the last year, it’s out with designer and in with the more reasonably priced.

The research, which was carried out by, used 12 months of Google search data to see which fashion brand has been most searched for in each country.

The United Arab Emirates, Japan, Portugal, and Monaco all have the Spanish fashion brand as their most popular fashion outlet.

Zara has become one of the most popular brands since the pandemic began, with an already huge reputation, it has blown up massively over the last year.

Now with over 2,200 stores in 88 countries, it’s no wonder they’re our number one – they’re everywhere.

Nike was the second most searched in the world, with the popular sportswear brand being Googled in 36 countries including South Africa, Mexico, and Malaysia.

Zalando is the world’s third most popular fashion brand, selling high street labels and high end designers all in one place, with it being searched in 14 countries, like Austria, France, Italy and its birthplace of Germany.

When it came to which clothing brand was the most popular in each continent, Zara was top of the list in Europe with top searches in 20 countries, despite ASOS surprisingly being the top searched brand in Ireland.

The USA was Macy’s but in Canada it changed to Lululemon as the most searched. In Asia, Zara also made it’s way to the top of the list in 12 countries.