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19th Jul 2018

We’re obsessed with anti-chafing bands and these are some of the best tweets

Kate Hendrick

Anti-chafing bands

Ugh, we can’t even cope with the thought of chafing…

If you’re like us you’ve probably treated yourself to a new dress or two over the last month or so.

You may also have picked up some of these anti-chafing thigh bands that we told you about while you were at it.

If you don’t know what I’m on about, I’m talking about these bad boys. They are bands that you can wear on your thighs to help reduce your chances of suffering from the dreaded chub rub.

If you did get your hands on the bands, then lucky you. They are like gold dust, honestly they are flying off the shelves quicker than those swimming pools in Lidl.

Sales of the popular bands have skyrocketed.

Wowcher, a subscription deals website revealed that they have sold 88 percent more thigh bands in the last two weeks than they did throughout the month of June.

The websites’ marketing analyst, Sam Eley even said they are selling as many as one pair of the bands per minute during peak trading times.

The increase of sales is down to the fabulous weather we’ve been having, and the fact that us girls can barely cope when our thighs rub against each other and we start sweating.

People on Twitter are raving about the bands.

The bands are just about sold out on Pretty Little Thing but you can still pick them up on Wowcher. Get your order in now before they go, ladies!