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09th Mar 2016

WATCH: Reporter Very Nearly Gets Run Over During Live News Broadcast


Cassie Delaney

Reporting live isn’t for the faint of heart.

It’s scary for a whole heap of reasons- the number one usually being the knowledge that so many things could go wrong.

Now one seriously unlucky KTVU reporter has added the fresh fear of death to our long list of reasons why we’d never sign ourselves up.

Alex Savidge was reporting beside a road on Tuesday when two cars behind him collided, sending one directly into the area where the crew was standing.

The footage shows that Savidge and his crew are unharmed in the incident and they can be heard saying they’re okay.

“Fuck me,” Savidge can be heard saying immediately after the cars crashed.

Savidge stays on the air long enough to tell his wife he’s okay and to thank his camera man for warning him of the impending doom.

Nobody was hurt in the incident.

video via YouTube/KTVU