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08th Apr 2019

Train delays at Connolly Station as another lorry hits the bridge

Olivia Hayes

It happened just last month in the exact same place.

And now another vehicle has crashed into the bridge at Connolly Station.

Irish Rail tweeted about the situation, saying that trains were suspended for some time earlier this afternoon, and delays will continue.

“A truck hit a bridge at Amien street, services suspended between Connolly and Tara street, update to follow.”

The company then followed up to say that while engineers cleared the way, delays will continue as the services catch up on themselves.

“Engineers have cleared bridge at Amien street it is now safe for traffic. Normal service resuming with a 10 minute delay.”

Irish Rail also tweeted a video of the accident taking place and warned truck and lorry users to know their load.

Thankfully nobody was hurt in the incident today.