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11th Apr 2023

Irish Rail welcomes the return of their catering service this week


The service will resume on the Cork to Dublin route only..

It feels like years since you’ve been able to enjoy the spoils from an Irish Rail trolley, that’s because it has been literal years, three to be exact.

Of the many things the pandemic robbed from us, the catering service when taking the train has to be one of the starkest.

Salt was rubbed only deeper in the wound during one of the final Derry Girls episodes last year, when Michael Fry as the train conductor made us see just how important it is for us to have the option of a KitKat when travelling by rail.

After mumblings and murmurs, rumours of potential vending machines and the like, Irish Rail have finally made that all too important announcement that their on-board catering service returns this week on limited Cork to Dublin routes.

Later this month it will return full-time on the Cork to Dublin route.

Sadly, other routes will be waiting a while for the catering trolley to come back; according to Irish Rail, there is no set return date for catering onboard any other service.

For the lucky passengers who frequent the Cork to Dublin route, let’s hope there are KitKats available and not just display KitKats.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll just leave the below video for educational purposes.

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