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23rd Jul 2019

Tesco issues recall for bottles of fruit presse over fears they might explode

Carl Kinsella

That’s right. Fear of explosion.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has warned that Tesco is recalling bottles of its Tesco’s Finest Fruit Presse, over fears of fermentation.

There is a concern that the yeast in the bottles has fermented, which could actually cause pressure in the bottles to increase, and for the bottles to explode and cause injury.

A statement from Tesco reads: “The products potentially present a risk to health because they have fermented and as a result pressure may have built up in the bottles which could cause them to explode.”

The recall includes four flavours:

  • Finest Sparkling Valencia Orange & Passion Fruit Presse 750ml
  • Finest Sicilian Lemon & Mint Presse 750ml
  • Finest Raspberry & Pomegranate Presse 750ml
  • Finest Apple & Elderflower Presse 750ml

The affected bottles are recognisable by their best-by date, and the recall includes all bottles that are “best before end March 2020.”

Consumers are advised not to consume the implicated products. Tesco is advising its customers to return the product to their nearest store for a full refund.

The FSAI has supplied and image of the products to help consumers identify whether or not they’ve got it in their house.


You can read the FSAI warning in full here.