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31st Jan 2023

Varadkar slams schools for giving children “too much” homework

“I think definitely kids can have too much homework.”

An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has called out schools for giving pupils too much homework.

However, he does not agree that homework should be banned completely.

Varadkar said it isn’t healthy for children to spend hours doing homework after being in school all day.

He told The Irish Mirror;

“You could have a long day in class, get home in the early evening, and then face, you know, three hours of homework.

“I remember that when I was a kid, staying up very late to do homework,” he shared.

Varadkar said there’s definitely a place for homework in Ireland’s education system, but there needs to be a fair balance.

“We need to make sure that there isn’t too much of it.”

He told reporters that he hasn’t had a chance to discuss the issue with Minster for Education Normal Foley.

However, he said it is something they will discuss at a later date.

“I think definitely kids can have too much homework.”

Last week, Minister Foley said the Government doesn’t have the power to scrap homework.

She issued a statement after President Higgins spoke out about the issue.

“It would not be appropriate for a Government Minister to engage in the public debate with the office of the President.

“Currently schools are free to have their own policy on homework.

Minister Foley said schools can make their own homework policies, but it is not up to the Government to scrap homework.

“These policies are created in conjunction with senior management and staff, the boards of management, parents, and the pupils.

“Schools are in of themselves places where creative pursuits are cultivated, nurtured, and encouraged.

“That creativity may also be reflected in homework.”

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