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29th Nov 2022

Tampax issues apology for uncomfortable tweet

They’re in hot water.

Tampax has had to back track on a tweet they put out last week after it appeared to have rubbed people the wrong way.

While the tweet itself was not offensive, it did not sit well with many Twitter users, with many making complaints that it left them uncomfortable and grossed out.

Tampax has had to put out an apology over a tweet after they used the social media platform to join in on an online joke, but appeared to take it too far for some people’s liking.

While it has since been deleted, the original tweet read: “You’re in their DMs. We’re in them. We are not the same.”

The tweet caused uproar among Twitter users, with many claiming that it was not in good taste to post a message like that and found the message to be “misogynistic”.

Apologising for the comment, Tampax said: “We messed up with our last tweet. We removed it and we apologize to everyone we offended. Respect is central to our brand values – our recent language did not reflect that.  We have learned from this, and we will do better.”

Since the tweet has caused controversy, many people have called out the tampon brand for their lack of inclusivity, with many claiming they need to do better in the future.

One person said: “it sucks because i’ve loved your products in the past, but the way you talk about women is just disgusting.”

Another added: “Yikes! This is BEYOND inappropriate from a corporation.”

A third wrote: “Thanks, tampax, for somehow managing to sexualise the least sexual thing in my life.”