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10th Jan 2018

Sean Spicer confirmed as a guest for Friday’s Late Late

Definitely worth staying in for.
Sean Spicer confirmed as a guest for Friday's Late Late


In news you really did not expect to hear this morning, it’s been confirmed that Sean Spicer will be one of the guests on this week’s Late Late Show.

Former White House press secretary to Donald Trump, he’ll “give viewers the lowdown on what it was like to be part of one of the most controversial US presidencies in history,” according to RTÉ.

Spicer was one of the most colourful characters Trump’s presidency has unleashed on the world so far (and that’s saying something).

His press conferences were the public face of the chaos of the administration, complete with questionable claims and constant bickering with journalists.

Spicer was immortalised thanks to Melissa McCarthy’s genius impression on SNL but resigned in July of last year after six months on the job.

“Donald Trump’s presidency is one of the most fascinating and extraordinary things to happen in our lifetime,” host Ryan Tubridy said this morning.

“Sean Spicer was right there watching it all in a front row seat.

“I am really looking forward to getting his first-hand account of what it was like to be there in that White House with the world’s media watching and his insights into what’s really going on in Trumpland.”

Definitely worth staying in for, we reckon.