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27th Mar 2022

Say it isn’t so! Met Éireann forecasts ‘change’ in weather this coming week

Trine Jensen-Burke

sunny spell to end this week

Not what we wanted to hear, TBH.

Ireland has been basking in unseasonably warm and sunny weather for March for the past week or so, with temperatures forecast to soar as high as 19 degrees over the Mother’s Day weekend.

However, unfortunately for those of us who have prematurely packed away the woollies and winter gear, this might just be about to change.

According to Met Éireann’s latest forecasts, we’ll see a change in the weather during the next week that is set to bring the warm spell to an end.

On Wednesday, a mass of cooler air blankets will reach us, and the mild March weather we have been enjoying will be no more.

Scattered showers, cloudy skies and noticeably colder temperatures will make a return as the mercury is set to drop to between six and nine degrees.


However, there is still time to soak up the sun before it disappears, Met Éireann points out.

Today will be dry and mostly sunny, as will Monday, where the forecast is mostly sun with some cloudy periods and just one or two isolated showers.

Tuesday will be a cloudier day, as winds turn northerly and bring the beginnings of a cold change to the weather, and that is it then, as Wednesday and Thursday are set to be cloudy, with scattered showers, some possibly wintry in higher places and it will feel a lot colder, with temperatures of just six to eight degrees.