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26th Sep 2019

RTÉ’s emotional documentary on the life of Brendan Grace airs this week

A fitting tribute to the beloved comedian. Don’t miss it.

When it comes to memorable career highlights, having somebody call you a ‘dirty fecker’ isn’t exactly what most people would choose to dwell on.

However, for this particular writer, the moment when Brendan Grace channelled his wonderful performance as Father Fintan Stack during an interview was a moment that I’ll cherish forever.

Like so many people, I was first introduced to the comedian’s immense talent via Father Ted, and Grace’s brief stint on Craggy Island was just the tip of the comedic iceberg.

Charming, friendly, and very generous with his time, the outpouring of emotion following his passing was testament to how respected and loved he was by the Irish public.

Well, as previously mentioned, RTÉ will be airing a documentary series which pays tribute to the much-missed comedian.

The three-part series starts off as the camera crew follow the entertainer as he prepares to put on a variety show with the Forget-Me-Nots community choir.

Why was he going back on stage?

Well, in an incredible act of kindess and humanity, Grace was hoping that the show would raise funds for those suffering with dementia by providing financial assistance to their families and friends.

Sadly, the comedian ended up fighting for his life after being diagnosed with cancer.

Suddenly, while the documentary was already filming, the narrative focus of the feature changed as the documentary went from a film about a man that’s fighting to put on a show, to the story of a man fighting for his life.

However, the story did not end there because Grace continued to star in the documentary right up until his final breath.

He was determined that the show would go on, but sadly, the beloved comedian passed away on 11 July this year.

With poignant interviews, hilarious anecdotes and rare archive material, Brendan Grace Thanks for the Memories is bound to leave audiences laughing and crying in equal measure.

The first episode airs on Monday 30 September at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.

Take a look at what’s in store.

Main image via RTÉ