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30th Oct 2020

Rare “blue moon” will be visible over Ireland on Halloween night

Jade Hayden

Something to do, anyway.

You don’t have major plans this Halloween. Admit it, you don’t.

And if you do, they involve sitting in your house, eating takeaway, watching a spooky movie, and wishing you were in the club dressed up as the Babadook, or Joe Exotic, or something equally terrifying.

Alas, we soldier on. We lament the Halloweens lost, the memories not made, and get on with our lives. We wrap ourselves in a blanket, sad glass of wine in hand, and peer out the window at the elusive blue moon appearing in the sky on Halloween night – the first time it has done so since the 1970s.

According to Astronomy Ireland, Halloween night’s full moon will be a rare blue one. The last time a full moon of any kind was visible from Ireland on Halloween was in 1974.

“This is the second full moon in the month of October and this is also a rare event – two full moons in one calendar month – that it is popularly known as a blue moon,” said Astronomy Ireland.

“It gets even better in that Saturday is also the date that the distant dim planet Uranus is at opposition to the sun… so Uranus is closest to the Moon that night also.”

You truly do love to see it.

So, if you happen to have a free view of the sky tomorrow, you might want to take a look up above because apparently, we won’t experience another phenomenon like this until at least 2039.

The rare blue moon will be visible over Ireland on October 31 from 3pm.