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22nd Jul 2016

Police in Munich are looking for three shooters, spokesperson says

Locals urged to stay away from public areas

Tom Victor

Police investigating the Munich shooting are on the lookout for three perpetrators, according to comments from a spokesperson.

Shots were reportedly fired on Friday afternoon at or near the Olympia Einkaufszentrum in the Moosach district of the city, with five people reported dead at the time of writing.

Police have urged those in the city centre to stay indoors and avoid public places, while encouraging onlookers not to share any photos or video of police operations which could potentially help the perpetrators.

Bild journalist Oliver Grothmann has shared the following video of a police spokesperson revealing that there are believed to be three armed suspects on the run.

Grothmann reports that police have searched the shopping centre where the shootings are believed to have taken place, only to find no sign of the suspects.

According to multiple reports, the GSG9 counter-terrorism unit of Germany’s federal police is being deployed in the city, with three helicopters sent to the Bavarian capital.