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27th Apr 2022

Baby kidnapped as grandmother unloaded groceries from car found

Kat O'Connor

The 3-month-old has been reunited with his mother.

A baby who was kidnapped as his grandmother unloaded groceries has been found.

Police have arrested three suspects and they are now in custody. Baby Brandon was found alive and well but has been taken to the hospital as a precaution.

San José Police said he has now been reunited with his mother.

They tweeted, “Baby Brandon has been located. He will be taken to a local hospital for an evaluation.”

“Three suspects in custody, charges, and additional information forthcoming.”

Baby Brandon was kidnapped on Monday, April 25th.

A man entered his home in San José, California, and took the baby boy.

The 3-month-old was kidnapped in broad daylight as his grandmother unloaded her groceries.

According to reports, a woman who was with his grandmother has been arrested.

It is believed she was with baby Brandon and his grandmother just hours before the kidnapping took place.

“This was a person who was with the grandmother yesterday when they went shopping, she was present at the apartment complex when this happened,” police confirmed.

“There have also been some inconsistencies with what she has told us.”

The police praised their team for finding baby Brandon.

“Along with our detectives our Patrol Officers, who began this investigation played a crucial role in this entire incident.

“Many of us are fathers, mothers, we were not going to give up until we found him.”

“We can also confirm that baby Brandon has been reunited with mom.

“We can relay her gratitude and thank yous to all who assisted.”

Police issued an Amber Alert after baby Brandon was kidnapped on Monday.

They worked alongside the FBI until baby Brandon was reunited with his family.