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09th May 2023

Patrick Kielty almost a ‘done deal’ for new Late Late host after weeks of negotiations

They’re changing it up.

According to the Irish Independent, it’s almost a “done deal” that Patrick Kielty will take over from Tubridy when the Late Late returns for its next season in September.

Kielty was second favourite to take over hosting role on the Friday night chat show until Claire Byrne took herself out of the running.

He said the Late Late is one of the “greatest TV shows on the planet” but taking over would be incredibly tough.

An RTE source told the Irish Independent that producers want more of a Graham Norton style show going forward.

They said: “Producers want to take the show in a completely new direction and he was deemed the ideal fit for the role.

“His people were out in RTÉ about two weeks ago to discuss the position and all the talk in Montrose is that he more or less has the gig. If he wants it, it’s his.

“He’s a very funny guy, he’s very normal and is great at putting people at ease.”

It’s reported that the Friday night chat show will take on a lighter approach when the new host takes over.

The source said that it makes sense to have a comedian host a chat show because they’re skilled at thinking on their feet and will keep the viewers entertained.

As Patrick Kielty is from County Down, it’s also a great move for the broadcasters as it adds an “all-island” feel to the show.

RTE’s director general, Kevin Bakhurst, is also very familiar with the 52-year-old’s work as he previously worked with him at the BBC.

The Independent said that the only stumbling block for the new arrangement is that Kielty currently presents a radio show on BBC 5 Live on Saturday morning from 9 am.

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