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16th Jan 2024

Hope Amidst Horror: Irish sisters’ fundraiser for Gaza’s devastated families

Kat O'Connor

Sara and Emma Abu Selmia are raising vital funds

Many people feel helpless watching the horror unfold in Gaza, but there is still so much we can do to help. Palestinian-Irish sisters, Sara and Emma Abu Selmia, have launched a fundraiser to help those who need our support the most.

Sara and Emma’s father left Gaza in 1984 to complete his studies in Ireland, where he met their mother. However, his family are still in Gaza, and they’re now living a nightmare and desperately need support.

The incredible sisters are living in Waterford, Ireland, but their loved ones are facing non-stop devastation after being displaced.

Their family is suffering and were forced to leave their home with nothing but a single backpack each.

“When the war in Gaza is over they have nowhere to go home to”

Emma and Sara’s dad has six brothers and two sisters still living in Gaza. Some of their loved ones are living in tents and struggling to find clean water and even food.

Emma and Sara shared: “They left their homes in Northern Gaza with a single backpack each as the area was becoming too unsafe to stay in. Their homes have been destroyed and leveled to the ground along with all their belongings.

The sisters shared, “When the war is over they have nowhere to go home to.”

Sara and Emma will be running/walking 320km throughout this month in a bid to raise money for their loved ones. The 320km represents the 40km each of their loved ones had to travel by foot when they were displaced from their home in Northern Gaza to Rafa in the South.

Funds raised will be donated to their family, many of whom are working in hospitals in Gaza.

They hope the funds will help their loved ones rebuild their lives after the unthinkable devastation they’ve faced.

You can support the girls and watch their journey by following their Instagram.

You can also donate to Sara and Emma’s fundraiser here.