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29th May 2024

Nicola Coughlan launches fundraiser for children in Palestine

Kat O'Connor

Nicola Coughlan has helped raise essential funds for children in Palestine

Nicola Coughlan is one of the few Irish celebrities who have used their celebrity status to help the people of Palestine.

The Bridgerton actress has often spoken out about the importance of using her platform for good and it’s evident this week as she has launched another fundraiser.

Following the horrifying attacks on Gaza’s Rafah last weekend, the actress has urged her followers to help raise funds for children impacted by these atrocities.

The funds will be donated to Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

The PCRF is continuing its response to the urgent humanitarian crisis in Gaza and throughout the region in light of the ongoing military escalation that has left thousands dead and thousands more homeless, displaced, starved, and without medical care.

The public’s support is helping the PCRF provide essential things like food, water, clothing, medical care, and more to those affected by the unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

Raising awareness about what is happening is essential, but donations make an even bigger difference. Those who can afford to have been urged to donate to the PCRF, especially following the most recent attacks.

The PCRF provides free medical care to children in the Middle East, regardless of their religion and nationality.

The PCRF shared, “To accomplish this we operate a wide variety of programs that range from meeting the monthly medical needs of children with chronic conditions to bringing volunteer surgical teams to the Middle East to perform life-changing and life-saving procedures and train local medical staff to create the first pediatric cancer department in Palestine.

“We need your help to continue making a difference.”

You can donate here.