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11th Apr 2016

New App Will Make Taxi Journeys A Lot Safer For Women

Move over Hailo...

Rebecca Keane

There’s a new app on the American market and it’s giving Uber and Hailo a drive around for their money. 

Chariot For Women, a ridesharing app founded by former Uber driver Micheal Pelletz is set to ensure a safer ride home for many women in the Boston area.

Run by women and specifically for women, the app was founded after Pelletz encountered a drunk, vomiting customer who continued to pass out and reach into his pocket. While panicked, Pelletz thought of how a female driver would deal with that situation and thus, ignited the idea of an all-female run taxi app.

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In an interview with Tech Crunch’s Kristen Hall-Geisler, Pelletz said: “Women are across the world the ones being harassed and assaulted by male drivers. In my eight months as an Uber driver, I didn’t hear any negative feedback from men.”

According to Fortune, 4,000 women across the country applied to drive with the company in just three days.

To add to the cause of female empowerment, 2% of every fare is donated to female-focused charities.

The app launches April 19th and it is not known if there are any plans to expand it to other areas.