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02nd Dec 2016

Many people are criticising the Daily Mail for this coverage of the Chapecoense co-pilot’s looks

The co-pilot's appearance is the focus of a story

For many, this is beyond the pale.

The scale and sadness of the air tragedy involving footballers from Brazilian club Chapecoense is still difficult to comprehend. Only six of the 77 people on board the plane survived the horrific crash in Medellin, Colombia.

Most of the reporting of the incident has been suitably respectful, factual and sensitive. The story has resonated with people around the globe, whilst the football world has mourned the loss of life with marks of remembrance.

But one ‘angle’ published by the Daily Mail has caused a great deal of anger and upset to many who find it horribly distasteful and disrespectful.

It features Sisy Arias, a 29-year-old Colombian woman who was on her first flight as a civilian co-pilot. Sadly, she did not survive the incident.

The Mail’s story puts the focus firmly on her looks, and uses various pictures from Arias’ personal Instagram account.

As you can see from the responses below, the sense is that her appearance is not remotely relevant and the tone of the story is extremely misguided.