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06th Jun 2018

#LeavingCert is trending and providing comfort to everyone

Alan Loughnane

Get those candles at the ready…

The day is upon us, Leaving Cert 2018 is here with the standard English Paper 1 and Home Economics kicking things off.

Anyone who has been through the secondary school system in Ireland will know what it means.

Seriously though, there’s no need to panic. For those sitting it, be calm. For those who have already completed it and are experiencing the yearly “Leaving Cert nightmares”, we’re sorry for you.

As is the case before the start of every big event these says, Twitter is a hive of discussion the topic,with plenty of sound advice, plenty of lessons from people who’ve been there and lived to tell the tale and some light humour that will raise a smile from even the most nervous of students.

Firstly, the good advice.

The practical advice.

The standard, “there’s more to life than the LC” tweet.

The not-so-standard, “there’s more to life than the LC” tweet.

Worth thinking about.

If you haven’t all of these, forget about it…


It was supposed to be Seamus Heaney and Sylvia Plath the year I did it. Neither came up. I’m not bitter about it though…

Only history jocks will understand.

Definitely the best way to look at things.