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05th Jul 2012

Have the Irish Become Unfriendly? One Man Thinks We Have…

Ireland is known for being a friendly, welcoming country - however one man believes this is all a load of Blarney...


When it comes to being friendly, let’s just say that us Irish folk have a great reputation. We’re known for being a nation of happy, agreeable creatures – it’s why visitors generally tend to love us so much.

However, one outspoken aristocrat begs to differ and believes that our reputation is pretty much a load of Blarney and that it is actually causing damage to Ireland’s tourism trade.

The Irish Sun reports that Charles Colthurst, the man who owns Blarney Castle in county Cork, has said that it’s not our temperamental weather that’s causing tourist levels to drop, it’s our greed and unfriendliness.

“People come to Ireland for three reasons – the hospitality, the scenery and the Cead Mile Failte,” said Mr Colthurst.

“All that went in the Celtic Tiger years,” he added.

It didn’t take long for Failte Ireland to hit back at Mr Colthurst’s claims. A spokeswoman for Failte Ireland said that Ireland is consistently mentioned as being one of the most friendly tourism destinations in the world.

What do you think? Do you agree that Ireland has become an unfriendly place in recent years or do you think we’re still warm and open to tourists?